Gruppenpraxis Kritzendorf

Hauptstraße 102

3420 Kritzendorf

Tel. 02243/24472



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Who leads the ordination?

Sometimes we have to change doctor`s times, you can check it here.


Monday :

7.00-9.00 am: Dr. Kathrin Hollaus

01.00-6.00 pmDr. Peter Kaufmann

Tuesday :

7.00-12.00 am: Dr. Veronika Herret-Kaufmann

Wednesday :

01.00-6.00 pmDr. Veronika Herret-Kaufmann

Thursday :

01.00-6.00 pm: Dr. Peter Kaufmann

Friday :

7.00-12.00 am: Dr. Kathrin Hollaus

5.00-7.00 pm: Telefon-Ordination


Blood samples: Tue and Fri from 6:00 am to 7:00 am  by appointment only