WELCOME    Train of thoughts

Welcome to the group practice Kritzendorf

Don't miss out your annual physical, your control examinations, important blood tests, vaccinations etc. because of the current safety precautions. The collateral damage may not be higher than the crisis itself, especially if it's a matter of your own health.



Dear patient, dear friends!

we are still here for you, but with some alterations:
•  Consultation time is limited and only possible after prior registration by telephone or online registration.
•  The corona virus test can be done at our ordination .
•  Prescriprions would only be ordered via  ONLINE, telephoneMail. They will be processed by the end of the day.
•  Many consultations, even for sick leaves, will be processed via telephone, usually during the end of consultation hours. 
•  Up to date news on the Corona Virus are available either at the Homepage of the austrian health ministry, AGES or here at our ordination
Your cooperation and support are truly appreciated 

We are looking forward to welcome you in our group practice!

Our philosophy

We treat people and no symptoms. This understanding of the relationship with the patient shapes our approach to medicine.
Medical knowledge is the core competence of the doctor. It makes a significant contribution to curing diseases. In addition, several other factors may play an important role in the healing process. Getting involved requires trust ... relationship with the doctor. Take responsibility for your own health, healthy lifestyle, self-esteem, relationship with yourself. We want to keep this numerous interactions in view, in conversation, in diagnostics and in therapy.